It is only a matter of time really and it usually happens around the three-month mark. The client has gotten some great results since they started training with us. They are a lot stronger, have more muscle, their work capacity went up and they have lost fat. But they may still have some belly fat, or if they are already lean they may have put on a few pounds, or maybe they don’t have the six-pack they have been dying for yet.

Undoubtedly, it will be something that creeps into their head that creates doubt in their minds. Admittedly, we start to then reflect on what we are doing and think to ourselves, “maybe we should be rethinking our approach as well.”

Maybe the light weight with hundreds of repetitions that is so popular in mainstream fitness is right. Maybe cardio really is the best thing for fat loss. Maybe strength training isn’t that important.

But then I snap myself out of it and realize that everything that sciences tells us, all of the results we have seen and how structured we apply our methods is the best way to train the modern adult.

I say modern adult because here is what we know; adults are working long-hours, they have to drive their kids all over the place, they usually have many orthopedic issues and they have never been taught the pearls of training before.

Insert what we do at Driven.

Driven works for one big reason.

That reason is that we prioritize strength training for everyone. No one should go to the gym and think, ‘how can I stay weak today.” But unfortunately that is what happens whether they know it or not because adults do not know how to strength train that will get them stronger than ever before but also pain free.

The reason for that is because they usually just use the old-school machines or the light weights and never really apply barbell, dumbbell bodyweight and resistance band training to stimulate training. Once adults apply these tools with proper coaching they experience a physical, emotional and mental change like never before.

No longer are adults scared of getting strong, or of using barbell or of getting bulky. Instead, they are committed to becoming the strongest version of themselves, which in turn will produce the best results that they ever had.

Before we get into the benefits of strength training you must understand what true strength training really is. We have heard from adults over the years who try to explain to us that they have lifted weights before but when we uncover what they have done they really aren’t. For instance, if you have been working out for over 6 months and have not made significant strength gains than you have not been strength training. Instead you have been doing cardio with light resistance. Not the same thing.

So with all of that being said, what are the benefits of strength training?

It is great at building muscle. There is no other form of training that is as efficient at building muscle than strength training. When you develop muscle your body will also burn more calories at rest because while you go through your daily activities your muscles are more metabolically active than fat. That means that just by strength training and going through your life you are burning more calories than if you were doing cardio and errands. Pretty cool when you really think about it?

Muscle also looks great on you : ) Muscle is what fills out our body and gives us those shapes that we are looking for. While strength training will not necessarily drop all the pounds on the scale (that is for your diet to do) it will give your body a true definition that you never had before.

It makes you move better. Do you know how to deadlift? If you do than you have learned an invaluable life skill that will stay with you forever. If you do not, than you must learn so you know how to pick things off the ground when you reach 80 years old. Strength training through full ranges of motion increases and improves your ability to move. Getting off of the couch, getting out of your car, walking around the neighborhood, playing with your grandkids all become easier when you develop strength. Without strength, these tasks can become dangerous and you can feel defeated by your inability to perform them without thinking.

Strength training also improves your ability to perform cardio work. We tell all of our clients at Driven that first you must build a foundation of strength before we take you into our conditioning sessions. By building strength you will have created a barrier to withstand intense intervals and high repetition work. Without strength you can easily become overwhelmed and injured by going right into high-intensity interval training.

When you unpack these reasons into a real-life professional training program we realize that what we are doing at Driven really works. While it may feel against the norm of the fitness magazines and celebrities saying that you need to go light to tone your muscles we can assure you that they are more out to sell than to help.

If you want a real training program that takes into account your own individual orthopedic and training history than you can start by reaching out to professionals who love what they do, have a proven track record and can guarantee you will achieve results. Once you learn right the first time you never have to go backwards.

We would love to help you on your fitness journey. If you are up for a little strength training that is.