Athlete Success Stories

“After years of training in local weight rooms surrounded by muscle heads, I thought being strong meant wide shoulders and big biceps. Once I heard about Driven and Gary’s sport specific knowledge I thought I should try it. Since I started at training I have drastically increased my speed, strength and agility. The best part of Driven and the program is the individualized attention you receive. I have my own program matched to my specific athletic ability and sport. In addition, working with such great motivators like Gary and Joe, I feel that I can reach new PR’s every time I come in. It is simply the best training I have ever been involved in. ”

  Mike Ricca, Mendham Baseball Player & Future Lehigh University Baseball Player

“Jon believed that in order to reach his full potential as a player he needed to get stronger, more flexible and in better overall physical condition. Since training at Driven, Jon has definitely realized significant gains in all three in relatively short order. That success has helped him push even harder for more improvement. At Driven, it is not conventional “class” training. Instead a program was tailored to meet Jon’s specific needs, which was especially important given that he was coming off of an injury. Jon has commented on the proactive and interactive environment that has helped him stay on point and made working hard easier and more fun. It is definitely worth the time and effort if maximizing athletic performance is a priority. It is essentially personal training at an affordable price.”

  Vince Opalewski, Father of Morris Knolls Baseball Player

“Brennan had done some speed and agility training in in the off season in recent years but we went to Driven since it added the strength training we thought we were missing and found the program much more complete. We quickly saw advancement in the strength exercises in upper body, core and lower body which led to better quickness and conditioning leading into the next sports season. The programs are already in place for you and coaches are ready to assist at all times. Exercises are carefully watched to make sure they are performed correctly to keep from having injuries. As you progress more advanced exercises are added so the program never gets stale. There is no doubt you will be impressed with the results you see with Driven training. Players will become much more complete as athletes by combining strength training with speed and agility, and by being in much better condition they are less likely to fall to muscle injuries.”

  Kyle Poskitt, Father of Roxbury Lacrosse Player

“In my experience this (Driven) training was in large part why we have had the success that we have had as a program over the last three years. Without this, we would not have had the speed, strength, endurance, or quick recovery times that we have and we would not have been able to reach our goals as a team and individually so quickly. If you want to get to the next level athletically then this is an excellent way to do it.”

  Janel Jones, Morris Hills Varsity Soccer Coach

“I was also very interested in Driven’s preventive injury training that specifically targets lowering the risk of ACL injury. My two younger daughters have been “Vespering” for about 2 years now and they are just fitter. They come home drenched in sweat, tell me they did a PR in the deadlift and are very proud of what they accomplished during their sessions. While they sometimes dread going, it’s not because they don’t want to go, it’s only because they know they will be working hard. My daughters are stronger, faster and more agile and we love the results!”

  Betty Ingling, Mother of Muhlenberg Soccer Player and Morris Hills Soccer and Softball Players

“The competitiveness of high school sports requires more than just going to practice. Since starting at Driven, my son has seen significant results in strength, flexibility and quickness. The best thing about training here is the personal attention and instruction you receive throughout each session. Your workouts are tailored to your sport and are

individually designed for you. This translates into motivation to keep improving! As a father to young athletes I have seen a lot of places, but none like Driven! ”

  Bob Walter, Father of Mount Olive Baseball Player

“Driven Fitness and Performance programs are fun for the boys and also tailored for each individual’s needs. This was apparent when my son missed a few months of training due to school and basketball commitments. Gary did not just throw him back into the group. He spent time in advance to come up with a “catch up” training program for my son. Then he texted me the next day to ask how my son was feeling, making sure he was not too sore. What other training does that? Gary genuinely cares about the kids and they know it, too.”

  Stephanie Skehill, Mother of Mendham High School Varsity Basketball

“My son is a focused athlete with very good fundamental baseball skills. What he lacked was a structured environment to develop his strength, speed, agility and desire to work “off the field.”

Since training at Driven his strength is up significantly. He has gained 10+ pounds and he went from a sled push of 350 pounds to 550 pounds in a three month period. More important than his physical improvements is his focus to make this type of workout a part of his daily/weekly routine.

What separates Driven is the continued change in the program created specifically for him. This constantly works muscles and range of motion from different angles and provides a more comprehensive workout. Also, the constant feedback from the Driven team, real time while they workout, provides the guidance and correction to ensure proper training.

It has given him a drive and focus to work off the field and become a more well-rounded athlete. The days of reminding him he has to workout are over. He now comes to me and asks, “Can you drive me to Driven today?”

For other young athletes, a couple of workouts with Gary and team and they will become self-motivated.”

  Todd Cilio – Father of Mendham High School Baseball Player

“Jeffrey wanted individual training specifically geared toward improving his lacrosse skills related to strength, speed and agility. I was hugely impressed at the transformation Jeffrey realized in just 3 short months and his lacrosse skills improved dramatically as a result. Jeffrey really appreciated the focused training and what motivated him was how fast he saw results of his hard training. If you want to improve your kids performance both in strength and agility, Driven drives results.”

  Jeff Roberts, Father of Roxbury Lacrosse Player

“Gary is an outstanding teacher who instills in his athletes not only the motivation to excel, but also provides the knowledge and tools for his athletes to take responsibility for their development. On many occasions I have watched a workout session. As a parent and teacher, I appreciate the way he “works the room.” Each athlete may be doing a different activity at the same time, and Gary walks to each athlete providing encouragement, advising on proper technique, explaining why it must be done the right way, and what the benefits are. Gary customizes each workout for each athlete.”

  Bob Chernow, Father of Mendham & Columbia University Baseball Player

“My son injured himself during football season and while we were following the rehab protocol, we needed to make sure that he was not only completely healed, but also ready physically for his upcoming baseball season. We heard about Gary and Driven through friends who have a son on our HS basketball team. My son and I went to meet with him and he laid out an extensive rehab and training plan that not only made sure his injury was completely healed, but also got him ready to compete for the upcoming baseball season. Our son instantly bonded with Gary and his staff and they worked with him to make sure he accomplished his goals in the timeframe we laid out. He is in great shape and is very confident that his injury is completely behind him. We are very pleased with our decision to send our son to Gary and Driven, and we plan to continue training with him going forward.”

  Mike Susini, Father of Randolph Baseball Player

“We were looking for a trainer for my son Michael a sophomore in HS to prepare him for the upcoming baseball season. His goal was to increase his strength and speed prior to tryouts starting in early March. Since starting his training at Driven, Michael has seen significant results in his strength and speed. As a matter of fact, he made the HS JV Team and he feels it is in direct response to his training at Driven. Gary took the time and interest in explaining to Michael about Driven’s program and what it was going to take to achieve his goals. Once the initial review was completed, Gary mapped out a program and the results were second to none. For everyone on the fence, try it out for 30-60 days and they will never look back. If you want results, join Driven.”

  Michael Townsend, Father of Randolph Baseball Player

“I knew as my son was getting older that that to compete at a higher level in Baseball he was going to have to get faster and stronger. I have noticed that Logan has become much stronger and his agility and conditioning is remarkable. We love that the coaches at Driven are hands on with all the athletes during their workout and very positive and encouraging. The Driven program is very structured and has amazing results. The coaches work with the athletes on specific drills based on what sport they are training for.”

  Chris Shortall, Father of Mendham Baseball Player

“My daughters participate in a premier soccer club which provides them with year round training and league/ tournament games with sport-specific trained professionals and coaches that focus on skill development but I felt like they needed a different type of training focusing on overall performance affecting their strength, balance, agility, power and endurance. Pretty much what I looked for and hoped for in training, I believe my daughters received. They were sore after every session, but they were satisfied with a feeling of accomplishment and improvement. It certainly reflected in their performance on the field. I would hear opponents’ parents pointing to my daughters stating how fast and strong they are as they are not easily beaten or put down and yelling out to their own children to watch out for them. They’re petite and would easily be picked on to bring down, but they would either avoid the opponent or beat them so as not to be stopped or simply bounce up with injury prevention when they are attacked.”

  Maricel Bowe, Mother of MatchFit Girl Soccer Players

“High school sports are increasingly more competitive, both physically and mentally, and injuries are common. Our son wanted to improve his athleticism and take his game to the next level; as parents we also wanted him to avoid injury as much as possible. Driven Fitness and Performance has provided the means to achieve both of these goals. Andrew has trained with Gary for a couple years and has benefitted tremendously. The combination of resistance training and weight training has helped him in all his sports. He has seen noticeable improvement in leg strength, agility, explosive movement and vertical jump since working with Gary. Our son has realized that his commitment to training, along with the guidance Gary provides, pays off because he can see the visible results, and it reinforces his desire to improve and motivates him to continue. Gary structures a comprehensive workout for small groups of athletes and because he keeps the group size smaller he is able to customize aspects of the workout to address the specific needs/goals of individual athletes. Our son has improved his overall athleticism, and he has also gained more confidence in his abilities. Gary’s passion for training and his ability to connect with our son on a personal level has helped Andrew achieve his goals and inspires him to continue to strive. The Driven Fitness and Performance program is an incredibly well-rounded program. Talk to Gary, try a workout session and have your child talk to some of the athletes currently training with Gary. Working with Gary at Driven has been one of the best training decisions we ever made!”

  Anne Kraemer, Mother of Mendham High School Basketball Player

“For Tyler, the results were obvious right away. He was quicker on the field and was noticeably stronger. The most noticeable difference for Tyler was when his coaches told him that he had tremendous control of his body. As you know, balance is the key for any athlete of any sport. He learned his quickness, strength and core balance from working at Driven and he learned it in a safe and intelligent manner. Sierra has had a noticeable endurance increase and better control of her body on the basketball court. Her jumping ability has also increased. The Driven program is safe and it intelligently improves all aspects of an athlete’s needs. Most of all, Tyler loves to workout at Driven. He used to hate to workout, run or do anything like that. I truly believe athletes need to give it a try. They will love the positive outlook on exercise and conditioning. It’s safe and effective and the kids will love it! ”

  Allen Kaye, Father of Morris County Vo-Tech Baseball Player

“My daughter played JV basketball as a freshman, but did not get the game minutes she desired because there were stronger, more explosive players that she was competing against. We knew she needed to get stronger and more explosive.

After training, not only did my daughter get stronger and more explosive, but she had more confidence when competing on the basketball court during tryouts. As a result she became a starter and team captain on the JV team in her sophomore season because the coach was so impressed with her improvement. The individualization of the program, which is tailored to the specific athlete and sport really separates Driven from all the others. Give it a try. You’ll love the results”

  Glen Stackhouse, Father of Morris Hills Basketball Player

“We were looking for an opportunity to help improve our daughter’s strength and agility. Gary was referred to us by other coaches and parents who saw positive results in their teams and kids. We wanted Jessica to be able to condition her body in an effort to reduce injuries and for her to also be able to grow as she develops as a young athlete.

Our daughter has improved in her deceleration, cutting and change of direction techniques. She is learning how to properly get the full use of her legs to help move her body better. Jessica likes the different aspects of the program which include cardio, resistance and weights. Jessica looks up to and respects Gary. He has a great personality and passion for wanting to help an athlete develop and grow. Jess has taken part in his trainings at soccer camps and also in his sport-performance training program. She feels good about herself after a session because she is improving her strength and skills, as well as having fun. A fun time is walking out tired, satisfied, and happy from completing a tough workout. Any athlete who is dedicated to improving their game would benefit from this training. Gary’s not only professional but personable. He understands the science behind the body and applies that to the athletics of everyone’s game. I’m glad Jess gave it a try and looks forward to going every week. ”

  Sue Gordimer, Mother of Rockaway Soccer Player

“I enrolled my son in a Sports-Performance program run by Gary when he had been playing football for about 3 years, and we wanted to have a program that would keep him in shape year round with a focus on improving his speed and agility for football. My son has increased his physical abilities; as well as increased his excitement and motivation about working out. Gary’s connection with the kids is apparent as he keeps them motivated. I recommend it for anyone looking to increase the individual skills needed to thrive in any sport. In addition, I also had the opportunity to take some classes with Gary, and found them extremely beneficial in improving my endurance and strength. ”

  Dorreen Rasp, Mother of Rockaway Football Player

“Driven was recommended by a trusted friend, Hannah, whom Michelle respects. Michelle was between seasons and looking for a program that would enhance her natural strength. Within two weeks she looked and felt noticeably more fit and energetic. We both liked that her program was tailored to her and her sport and to the High School athlete. She felt very comfortable at Driven and loved the environment!”

Marie McMillan, Mother of Randolph Softball Player

“I wanted to start a sports-performance program because I wanted to become a better basketball player. I knew I needed to get stronger and Driven helped me become a better player because of it. After training at Driven I became stronger, faster, and a noticeably better basketball player. I can see the difference in my body too! I really liked how everyone had their own independent programs so I could go at my own pace and I never felt rushed to catch up to someone.”

Nick Mantone, Randolph High School Basketball Player

“As a parent I would absolutely recommend Driven.  I think it was a safe, age appropriate workout.  The most benefit that Nick and I both saw was that you, as coaches, were very hands on and invested in the kids.  For Nick, the positive reinforcement and relationship you established with him really made him comfortable and strive to work his hardest.”

Tony Mantone, Father of Randolph High School Basketball Player

“I wanted to get stronger, and enhance my skills & abilities as a basketball player…. To get quicker & jump higher. After training at Driven I was jumping a lot higher during summer league & AAU this fall. I really liked how organized the training was.  If you are looking to become a better player, get stronger and faster  than this is a great program.”

DQ Hendrickson, Randolph High School Basketball Player

“From the outside looking in, it seemed as if you guys were very attentive to each athlete. You gave individual training programs and kept encouraging them to make progress. If you’re looking to get stronger and gain muscle tone than this is a great program!”

Brian Hendrickson, Father of Randolph High School Basketball Player

“Will had a recent growth spurt and had never done any real strength training. Although the skills were there, he was getting pushed around by older and stronger kids. In order to stay on the floor, he needed to get stronger and quicker. After training at Driven we think that he progressed in strength, especially in the lower body. It has also increased his confidence to mix it up inside. We really liked the structure of the program. There is very little wasted time during the sessions. In addition, the individual programs are well thought out and get the best out the kids. Finally, there is a competitive spirit with the collection of kids at each session.

I would definitely recommend Driven to other parents and players. You need structure in a training program in order to progress. Driven gives you that structure to quickly improve.”

— Mike Flanagan, Father of Randolph High School Basketball Player

Adult Success Stories:

“WOW! Since I’ve been training at Driven Fitness and Performance I have seen absolutely amazing results. I have never felt stronger or healthier in my life, and I owe it all to Driven’s outstanding level of commitment to my success.

        If you’re on the fence about joining Driven Fitness Performance, please ask Gary for my phone number and I’ll give you a million reasons why allowing Driven to be your fitness coaches will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.”

        Mark Constantino, President of Arkadia Eco Pest Control

           “I had been going to a traditional gym and doing a traditional workout.  I needed a change of philosophy and a program to motivate me again.  I needed to lose weight and get lean in a safe way with the support and attention from coaches who know what they aredoing in the gym.

              For me, training at Driven has been untraditional.  The use of resistance bands is a new challenge for me.  It’s a full body workout every time.  I have a busy schedule and I can get a complete workout in 1 hour.  It’s not a traditional program or gym.  It’s been the best decision I have made about my exercise.”

Allen Kaye, Pequannock Middle School Social Studies

“What I like about the program is that the coaches listens to your needs, and does not push you into something you are not ready for.  For example, I have a torn ACL and the coaches can tell by my facial expressions if an exercise is not right or I am not ready for it.  Driven coaches will also correct your body position so you get the most out of the exercise and are constantly asking if you are feeling it in the correct spot and will fix something when you are not.”

              Tracy Kaye, Home Day Care Operator

              I wanted to do things the right way before it is too late. I have done the typical gym routine and could never stay committed, felt bored and did not see any results. I knew if I wanted to see and feel the results I wanted that I needed more from my health and fitness program.

              Since training at Driven, I love the program and how it’s designed individually. I wanted to stay in shape so I continue to play sports and be active and feel alive. Whenever I train here it is stress reliever, I feel great after, it is a motivating environment and I feel more confident because of the nature of the training and the growth I see in my program.

              I love how it makes you feel, I know I am not guessing anymore when I go to the gym. On my own I would have no idea what I am doing. It is also a learning process so I have been learning the right way how to do things and I feel a tremendous difference. ”

              Agim Canovic – Business Owner and Dad of Three

I was in a rut with my normal workouts at the gym. I was tired of the cardio machines, bored with weight machines, and I’ve done the classes at the gym and felt bored with those as well. I saw how happy and motivated my son was from training with Gary so I realized I wanted to have the same feeling.

        “This was something that I knew I needed to do for myself. I think no matter what someone’s individual condition is they should really try Driven. It is completely different than a typical gym. The workout is specifically designed for you, it’s a lot of fun, and you definitely get results. Most importantly, I look forward to going and feel great after!”

        Cynthia Connington, Busy Mom of Three


        Since I have started training at Driven Fitness and Performance I have lost 18 pounds! I feel stronger and more alive. When I started I could barely do the workouts but with the strong coaching from Gary I was able to overcome the obstacles I was facing and it has been an enjoyable experience.

        As an adult it is tough to take the first step towards better health. But you just have to go for it! Call Driven, set-up a consultation and try a session and you will see it is a great physical and mental work-out. You will be very pleased with your results.”

        Dave Cicchine

  “I had not been able to achieve any consistency with my workouts.  Something (work travel, family obligations, sheer laziness) always seemed to get in the way and disrupt whatever efforts I was making to exercise.  I got ‘sick and tired’ of feeling ‘sick and tired’.  I knew I was capable of better! Since training at Driven my energy level is through the roof – and this carries right through my day.

  What I love about training at Driven Fitness and Performance is that it is manageable!  It never feels like I need to spend 90 minutes in the gym…because I’m not doing that!  The exercises are basic and are all geared toward achieving a leaner, stronger body.  And they are progressive – so I can actually see and feel the progress I am making. I don’t think you will regret ‘making the commitment’.  After about three weeks, your mindset will shift and you will look forward to your new routine.           

Tom Zito

“I was going to a large gym and not seeing results. I knew I wanted to find a place that catered to my needs. Since training at Driven Fitness & Performance I feel stronger than I have ever been. Every week I surprise myself with what I am capable of and it is such a good feeling!

I love the personalized program that Driven has created for me. The Driven coaches have taken my strengths and weaknesses into consideration and have helped me become the healthiest I could be! It has been such a great experience!

For everyone on the fence you need to try it! Driven offers exercise programs for all health and fitness levels. As a licensed healthcare professional, I highly recommend the individualized plans that Driven offers. Driven coaches you to meet your goals, whether your goal is fitness, health, weight loss, endurance, or strength training. Driven helps you to feel good, look good, and promotes a healthy lifestyle!”

Tara Constantino, Nurse Practitioner

“Ever since I started training at Driven I am less tired with more energy and confidence. I never thought I would be able to do some of the things I am doing here! This is a completely different experience than a normal gym and it has become the highlight of my day. It’s exciting, challenging, and the atmosphere is great! ”

Pauline O’Donnell, Mom of 3


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