Adult Success Stories:

“WOW! Since I’ve been training at Driven Fitness and Performance I have seen absolutely amazing results. I have never felt stronger or healthier in my life, and I owe it all to Driven’s outstanding level of commitment to my success.

        If you’re on the fence about joining Driven Fitness Performance, please ask Gary for my phone number and I’ll give you a million reasons why allowing Driven to be your fitness coaches will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.”

        Mark Constantino, President of Arkadia Eco Pest Control

           “I had been going to a traditional gym and doing a traditional workout.  I needed a change of philosophy and a program to motivate me again.  I needed to lose weight and get lean in a safe way with the support and attention from coaches who know what they are doing in the gym.

              For me, training at Driven has been untraditional.  The use of resistance bands is a new challenge for me.  It’s a full body workout every time.  I have a busy schedule and I can get a complete workout in 1 hour.  It’s not a traditional program or gym.  It’s been the best decision I have made about my exercise.”

Allen Kaye, Pequannock Middle School Social Studies

“What I like about the program is that the coaches listens to your needs, and does not push you into something you are not ready for.  For example, I have a torn ACL and the coaches can tell by my facial expressions if an exercise is not right or I am not ready for it.  Driven coaches will also correct your body position so you get the most out of the exercise and are constantly asking if you are feeling it in the correct spot and will fix something when you are not.”

              Tracy Kaye, Home Day Care Operator

              I wanted to do things the right way before it is too late. I have done the typical gym routine and could never stay committed, felt bored and did not see any results. I knew if I wanted to see and feel the results I wanted that I needed more from my health and fitness program.

              Since training at Driven, I love the program and how it’s designed individually. I wanted to stay in shape so I continue to play sports and be active and feel alive. Whenever I train here it is stress reliever, I feel great after, it is a motivating environment and I feel more confident because of the nature of the training and the growth I see in my program.

              I love how it makes you feel, I know I am not guessing anymore when I go to the gym. On my own I would have no idea what I am doing. It is also a learning process so I have been learning the right way how to do things and I feel a tremendous difference. ”

              Agim Canovic – Business Owner and Dad of Three

I was in a rut with my normal workouts at the gym. I was tired of the cardio machines, bored with weight machines, and I’ve done the classes at the gym and felt bored with those as well. I saw how happy and motivated my son was from training with Gary so I realized I wanted to have the same feeling.

        “This was something that I knew I needed to do for myself. I think no matter what someone’s individual condition is they should really try Driven. It is completely different than a typical gym. The workout is specifically designed for you, it’s a lot of fun, and you definitely get results. Most importantly, I look forward to going and feel great after!”

        Cynthia Connington, Busy Mom of Three


        Since I have started training at Driven Fitness and Performance I have lost 18 pounds! I feel stronger and more alive. When I started I could barely do the workouts but with the strong coaching from Gary I was able to overcome the obstacles I was facing and it has been an enjoyable experience.

        As an adult it is tough to take the first step towards better health. But you just have to go for it! Call Driven, set-up a consultation and try a session and you will see it is a great physical and mental work-out. You will be very pleased with your results.”

        Dave Cicchine

  “I had not been able to achieve any consistency with my workouts.  Something (work travel, family obligations, sheer laziness) always seemed to get in the way and disrupt whatever efforts I was making to exercise.  I got ‘sick and tired’ of feeling ‘sick and tired’.  I knew I was capable of better! Since training at Driven my energy level is through the roof – and this carries right through my day.

  What I love about training at Driven Fitness and Performance is that it is manageable!  It never feels like I need to spend 90 minutes in the gym…because I’m not doing that!  The exercises are basic and are all geared toward achieving a leaner, stronger body.  And they are progressive – so I can actually see and feel the progress I am making. I don’t think you will regret ‘making the commitment’.  After about three weeks, your mindset will shift and you will look forward to your new routine.           

Tom Zito

“I was going to a large gym and not seeing results. I knew I wanted to find a place that catered to my needs. Since training at Driven Fitness & Performance I feel stronger than I have ever been. Every week I surprise myself with what I am capable of and it is such a good feeling!

I love the personalized program that Driven has created for me. The Driven coaches have taken my strengths and weaknesses into consideration and have helped me become the healthiest I could be! It has been such a great experience!

For everyone on the fence you need to try it! Driven offers exercise programs for all health and fitness levels. As a licensed healthcare professional, I highly recommend the individualized plans that Driven offers. Driven coaches you to meet your goals, whether your goal is fitness, health, weight loss, endurance, or strength training. Driven helps you to feel good, look good, and promotes a healthy lifestyle!”

Tara Constantino, Nurse Practitioner

“Ever since I started training at Driven I am less tired with more energy and confidence. I never thought I would be able to do some of the things I am doing here! This is a completely different experience than a normal gym and it has become the highlight of my day. It’s exciting, challenging, and the atmosphere is great! ”

Pauline O’Donnell, Mom of 3


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