Step 1

Prior to beginning training you will come in for a one-time initial assessment. During this visit, we will discuss your medical history, injury history, training history, and training goals. From there we administer our Individual Performance Assessment.

Posture Analysis: This patented technology gives us an objective feedback on your posture and how we can best train to optimize your movement to prevent injuries and maximize results.

Step 2

Functional Movement Screen: A Seven part biomechanical assessment to ensure that we identify any movement restrictions.

Step 3

BodyMetrix Assessment: Trusted ultrasound technology that accurately and quickly measures body fat so we can effectively track your progress.

*No BodyMetrix Assessment for our Sport-Performance Program


Adult Fitness

Our flagship strength training symbolizes quality movement, heavy lifting, and real coaching. We TEACH the foundational strength exercises with incredible attention to detail and standards so that you earn your personal best in strength, build muscle and stay motivated in our relentlessly positive training environment. Under our coaching and with our programming we will revolutionize your perspective on strength training while helping you develop a mental and physical resilience you will be so proud of!

On the backend of our strength training is our purpose-driven interval training to light up your heart rate in a safe and rewarding session. Our interval sessions are all heart-rate monitored, varied, purposeful and built to challenge without destroying you. This means consistent progress with extremely fun workouts. No endless burpees and mountain climbers, our conditioning sessions utilize the best in every tool to bring out the best in you.

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Driven sport-performance program is the premier training program for today’s competitive athlete. The key to our system is that we focus on the long-term development of every single athlete by creating individualized training programs designed specifically for them.

We do not put athletes through cookie-cutter training sessions because we feel that it is dangerous, wasteful and inefficient. For example, if you have two soccer players but one is a senior in high school and has trained for the past four years and the other is a freshman in high school just starting out do you think it is fair that both athletes do the same thing in a session? Sure they may play the same sport but they are on completely different sides of the developmental process.

This cookie-cutter model is essentially grades not existing in school and everyone just bouncing around from class to class.

That is where Driven truly separates itself from the pack. We blend passion, intensity and cutting-edge science with the fact that each athlete that trains with us is different. Because of this our results in every facet of athleticism are unparalleled.

After training with us you will be amazed at how quickly you become faster, strong, more explosive and more resilient to injury than ever before in your life.

Not only that, but athletes love training here because of the relationships we build.

For the competitive athlete who is looking to get the athletic edge, Driven is the ultimate HOME for training.


“As a licensed healthcare professional, I highly recommend the individualized plans that Driven offers. Driven coaches you to meet your goals, whether your goal is fitness, health, weight loss, endurance or strength training.”

Tara Constantino, Licensed Nurse Practitioner

Nutrition Coaching

“I knew I had to do something…”

They were the same old lines from people, “I fell off the wagon,” “just tell me what to eat,” “I am going to start on Monday,” “I was doing great for three weeks and then…”

Every time I would talk to people about nutrition something like this would come up. Then they would ask for a meal plan, or for a 21-Day fix, or nutrition advice, or they would have dozens of questions that I already repeated the answers to in the past.

Does this sound familiar? Because if it does do not go anywhere.

I knew that I couldn’t just continue down the same path of meal plans, short-term fixes, or answering nutrition questions for the people I was trying to help. Because I understand that changing your nutrition lifestyle is hard, but it has to be done if we want to live a long and healthy life.

Thankfully, we have a permanent solution now at Driven.

ProCoach is our on-line nutrition coaching program that ensures that you are making small and steady progress to reach your goals. It is about replacing habits that do not serve you with ones that can change your life.

This program has helped over 45,000 people around the world and it is incredible for both women and men. Check out these videos that illustrate exactly how ProCoach can help change your life.



Feel Younger Longer

“What should I be taking” is a question that comes up a lot during training at Driven and in the past we wouldn’t know how to answer it. To be honest in the past supplements were something that I thought a lot of people didn’t need. Also, we just felt there was so much shady information coming from every brand it was hard to know what was the truth and what brands were truly healthy for you.

We made it our 2016 goal to come up with an answer for those who wanted to know what they should be taking to create better results, feel healthier and fill in any nutritional gaps that they may be having.

What we found was remarkable because we found Shaklee.

While ALL brands tout how great and safe their products are and how much science is behind their brand there is only one company that truly puts their money where their mouth is.

Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition company in the United States for several specific reasons:

  • Over $250 million invested in clinical testing, research and development
  • Over 80,000 annual tests for product quality
  • – Over 100 scientific papers, 90 of them published in peer reviewed journals
  • The first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral to have a net-zero impact on the environment
  • Significantly more intense screening process than pharmaceutical standards

But why do you need supplements?

The unfortunate truth we are living in today is that the foods we eat are largely highly processed. There has been a 38% decline in nutritional value of crops over the last 50 years and 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diets that are proven to prevent disease.


ACL Reconditioning

ACL Reconditioning

It was November of 2005 and three weeks before the first game of my senior year basketball season. I had worked hard and was more excited than ever to finish my high school career to the best of my ability. We were doing a defensive slide drill where I was matched up against one of the best players on our team. I slid right like I had done thousands of times before except this time my knee gave out and I dropped to the floor.

I tore my ACL for the first time that day.

Over the next seven years I will have accumulated a total of four ACL surgeries and six total knee surgeries.

This injury changed my life. But it also led me to where I am today.

That is why I take the responsibility of rebuilding an athlete post-ACL surgery so seriously. I have been there before.


But what do you do as an athlete after you finish physical therapy around the four month mark? You are strong enough to walk and jog on your own but you are NOT game ready or ready to train like a completely healed athlete.

So how do you go from physical therapy to training as hard as you used to when you were healthy?

If you noticed, there is this gap that exists from physical therapy to game ready. At Driven, we bridge that gap so that we build off of your physical therapy and systematically move you closed to game ready.

Being an ACL Athlete at Driven means:

* We sit down with athlete and family to completely understand your history

* We individually assess

* We individually program

* We give specific training protocols to build off of a prior progress

* Develop and enhance every aspect of physical readiness

If you or someone you know has had an ACL reconstruction surgery and is about four months post operative please fill out the form and we look forward to contacting you!



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