It breaks our heart whenever we hear or see people who are endlessly doing sit-ups and crunches in an attempt to get a flatter stomach. The truth is that those particular exercises, while still extremely mainstream, are outdated and unhealthy for your low-back.

In reality, doing hundreds of thousands of crunches is only going to put more strain and tension on a low-back that already has so much going against it. From sitting all day, to not getting enough daily movement, when you add sit-ups into the mix it is very common for folks to end up with low-back pain.

That is why we wanted to create this video that demonstrates 12 core exercise alternatives that you can do at any level of fitness. Not only that but you can do them at home or in the gym and when you really focus on feeling the movement throughout they are very effective exercises.

Our advice then would be to start implementing core exercises that challenge you to stay strong and stable throughout the exercise and move away from the crunches and sit-ups. We know after a couple of weeks of doing the former you are going to notice a difference.