Driven Fitness & Performance helps youth athletes and adventurous adults eliminate confusion, aches and inconsistency so they get in the best shape of their lives, control their destiny and achieve what they never thought possible.

What Makes Driven So Different?


Regardless of perceived limitations young athletes and adventurous adults want to live life to their fullest potential. They want to feel safe, healthy, happy and strong yet too often they find themselves stuck. Due to generic, dangerous or outdated training programs that can get people hurt with little progress to show for their time and energy. The deliberate difference is that Driven Fitness and Performance helps young athletes and adventurous adults achieve the best fitness and health of their lives without getting hurt along the way.

We understand how it feels to be just another number walking through the door. It can be disheartening and extremely frustrating to feel that your dreams and goals don’t matter. Like you, I was extremely disappointed by how I was just put through the motions during my training career as a young athlete and rehabilitation as a patient. I will forever remember feeling like I never truly mattered to them during those formative years of my life. Didn’t the trainers and therapists care or notice that this meant so much to me?

Young athletes and adventurous adults have so much to lose by settling for meaningless workouts, outdated programming and by coaches who do not listen to your individualized needs. As our limitations become more real we can feel defeated by chronic pain and unrelenting momentum of looking, feeling and performing further from our best.

Driven was established for one reason; so you can live life on your own terms. Over the last 2.5 years we have coached thousands of athletes and hundreds of adults to achieve levels of strength, fitness, health and performance that they never thought possible. Through world-class coaching and programming and with the support of an amazing family community we can help guide you to an incredibly real transformation. One that has you feeling strong, powerful and vibrant with confidence like never before.


Gary Vesper


Gary is the Founder & Owner of Driven Fitness and Performance in Succasunna, NJ. At Driven he applies a no-nonsense approach to training that blends cutting-edge applications with intensity, focus and a whole lot of fun! It is Gary’s mission to help people reach new levels that they never knew they had through the purposeful training programs at Driven.

As a former college athlete Gary remembers very vividly the love and devotion he put into becoming the best player he could become. Now, as a strength and conditioning coach for adults and athletes from all walks of love he applies that same passion, energy and thirst for improvement to the Driven community.

Being a highly competitive athlete Gary had aspirations of playing basketball throughout his high school and college career. He trained hard and developed into the best player that he could become but unfortunately Gary’s career was cut short due to severe and multiple ACL knee injuries. These continuous injuries left Gary on the sidelines for years wondering what he was doing wrong and what he could do differently to prevent this from happening to other athletes and how to recover from them more effectively.

It was then that Gary set out on a mission to reinvent what training should look like to increase performance, decrease injuries and live a healthier lifestyle. Since 2009 Gary has dedicated himself to this mission

Over the years Gary has worked for physical therapists, endlessly studying anatomy and training theory, earning certifications and coaching private and group sessions.  He also had the invaluable opportunity to go through a mentorship experience with Dustin Collier of Andover Mohawk Physical Therapy as he rehabbed my final injuries. During this time I enhanced my understanding of functional anatomy and injury mechanisms to better apply it to fitness and athletic performance.

Gary is a Performance Specialist with EXOS (XPS), a Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS) through Functional Movement Systems, a speed and agility specialist through Athletes Acceleration (CSAC) and a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1).

More proud than he is of his certifications, Gary has relentless passion and drive to continue to become a better coach and apply what he learns so that the Driven community enjoy the absolute best and safest training experience.

Gary started training athletes and adults from very humble beginnings. In the summer of 2012 he began training local athletes in parks and high school weight rooms. He would travel to parents home and train them while the kids were at camp or after work and he would go to camps training athletes. As he families noticed his passion, knowledge and ability Gary’s training programs continued to grow.

In 2014 Gary started an Athletic Development program in a local commercial gym while continuing his adult personal training. In one year he grew this program to training nearly 1,000 athletes and countless adults. The growth and development of this program was a tremendous learning experience on how to deliver a completely comprehensive training program so that athletes and adults don’t just get a great workout but remain healthy and strong throughout the process.

Gary driven by his passion to become the best coach and deliver the best experience then set out on his own in the spring of 2015 when he opened Driven Fitness and Performance.  In the past 18 months Driven has seen tremendous growth because of the same principles energy, passion and consistent improvement.

It is Gary’s mission for Driven to become the pinnacle of sport-performance and adult strength and conditioning in our area. His vision is that Driven becomes synonymous with excellence and when families talk of Driven in the local community people understand that they give everything they have over there to meet that standard of excellence.

Gary would like to personally thank you for reading about his passion and determination to represent something special here at Driven Fitness and Performance. If you ever need anything please feel free to reach out.

“There is no doubt you will be impressed with the results you see with Driven training.”

Kyle Poskitt, Father of Roxbury Lacrosse Player
“As a father to young athletes I have seen a lot of places, but none like Driven!”
Bob Walter, Father of Mount Olive Baseball Player
“I never thought I would be able to do some of the things I am doing here!”
Pauline O’Donnell, Busy Mom of Three

“Working with Driven has been one of the best training decisions we ever made!”

Anne Kraemer, Mother of Mendham High School Basketball Player


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